Realignment of State Highway 1 (designation D239)

Southland District Council has received notice of a requirement for a realignment of State Highway 1 (designation D239) at Edendale. 

The alteration involves the construction of a State Highway bypass to the west of Edendale township with the aim to improve the highway’s functionality.

The proposed construction will stretch approximately 2.7km north-west of the township across rural land, some of which is currently used for wastewater treatment and disposal.

In addition, new vehicle access to the Fonterra Edendale Dairy Factory site is required and is proposed to be constructed on land owned by Fonterra and therefore will not be declared a road. This access will be temporary for construction purposes until the realignment has been completed. 

You can download the documents here.

We invite residents of Southland District Council to have their say and make a submission on the proposed plans here (external link) .

Please be advised that submissions close on 11 May 2017.  

Realignment of State Highway 1 (designation D239)

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Dog Registration Changes coming very soon

Registration from July 2017

Council is introducing new dog registration fees from 1 July 2017. The new fees are designed to encourage responsible ownership. Discounts will recognise responsible dog ownership and encourage controls on dogs.The proposed fees are as follows: 

Registration fee non-working dog

(before possible discounts)

Possible discounts:


  • The dog is spayed or neutered

- $10 discount 

  • The dog is in a fenced or controlled property

- $20 discount

  • Responsible owner (according to Council's criteria) & microchipped dog

- $30 discount

Registration fee non-working dog if all discounts apply 


Working dog registration


Late registration penalty (for all dogs)

50% of the total registration fee


Dogs neutered after 1 July 2016 

You will need to provide Council with evidence from your vet that your dog has been neutered or spayed, such as a receipt or a certificate.


Fencing or a controlled property

To receive the fencing discount, ensure that your dog is contained on your property in one of the following ways:

  • A fully fenced property; or
  • A fenced or portable enclosure; or
  • A dog motel; or
  • A kennel with an enclosed run attached; or
  • A leash attached to a running wire.


Responsible owner

To receive this discount, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The dog is microchipped as required by the Dog Control Act 1996
  • There has been no written warning, barking abatement notice, seizure or infringement under the Dog Control Act 1996 from 1 July 2016 onwards relating to any dog owned by the person applying for the registration

If you want your dog to be microchipped, you can get it done for free at one of Council’s free microchipping sessions. Have a look on this webpage to see when the next session is near you, or ring Dog Control. 

Council is adopting a clean slate approach to good behaviour. Only incidents of irresponsible dog ownership from 1 July 2016 will be taken into account. From July 2018 onwards, only the previous two years' history will be taken into account with the good behaviour discount.


Download our brochure here [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Dog Registration Changes coming very soon


Anzac Rubbish Collection

There will be no recycling or rubbish collection in Southland on Anzac Day, Tuesday 25 April 2017. Collections will be one day later for the rest of the week – for example, Tuesday collections will take place on Wednesday, Wednesday collections wills take place on Thursday and so on, with Friday collections taking place on Saturday.

Normal collections will resume from Monday 1 May.


Southland District transfer stations will be open from 1pm Tuesday 25 April 2017.

If you are unsure about your collection or transfer station opening hours visit wastenet.org.nz or contact Southland District Council on 0800 732 732.


Anzac Rubbish Collection


Southland District road works & closures


Road Works

Please keep a look out for these and take care when travelling through work sites. Below are some of the roads in the District which are currently subject to work.


Road Works & Restrictions

Horseshoe Bush Road

This road  is closed due to a collapsed culvert.

Colac Foreshore Road, Colac Bay

A section of this road has been temporarily closed to traffic for safety reasons due to continued damage from coastal erosion. Alternative access to the Colac Bay township is available via Colac Bay Rd, which runs off State Highway 99.

Chaslands Highway, Southern Scenic Route

The Chaslands Highway is open but traffic management, including a speed restriction, is in place. A 75 metre temporary road has been built after a section collapsed due to a massive slip.

Otara Haldane Road

50km/hr temporary speed limits are in place (over parts of this road) for safety purposes with increased tourist numbers in the area.

Tokanui Haldane Road

50km/hr temporary speed limits are in place (over parts of this road) for safety purposes with increased tourist numbers in the area.

Haldane Curio Bay Road 

50km/hr temporary speed limits are in place (over parts of this road) for safety purposes with increased tourist numbers in the area.

Slope Point Road

50km/hr temporary speed limits are in place (over parts of this road) for safety purposes with increased tourist numbers in the area.

Otautau Tuatapere Rd between Gill Rd & Merrivale Rd

A temporary speed restriction is in place. The speed limit has been reduced to 50km/hr for the winter period due to slippery road surface conditions. Road surface repairs will be carried out in summer 2016/17.

Palmerston Street (SH99) from Princess Street to Osborne Street

Temporary closed to normal traffic between the hours of 10.00am and 11.00am on Tuesday 25 April 2017 to enable the Annual ANZAC Parade.

A detour will be available via Havelock Street and Jetty Street.

It will be an offence for vehicles to use the road during the period of closure without the prior written approval of the Group Manager Services and Assets.

Southland District road works & closures