Stage Two Hearing Documents

Commissioner's Hearing Direction

Minute from the Commissioner for hearing on 2 February [PDF, 54 KB]

Planning Reports

Joint Hearing Notice
Environment Southland & Southland District Council Planning Reports
Appendix 1 - Policy Framework
Appendix 2 - Resource Consent Application
Appendix 3 - Further Information Requests & Responses
Appendix 4 - Peer Reviews
Appendix 5 - Submissions
Appendix 6 - Water Conservation Order (Oreti River 2008)

Voluntarily Commissioned Report

Commissioned Report Submitted By Applicant on Amenity Effects on the Upper Oreti River Setting

Applicant's Evidence

Evidence on Potential Economic Impacts from Mr Stimpson [PDF, 594 KB]
Evidence on Potential Market Demand from Mr Bamford [PDF, 759 KB]
Evidence on Visual Landscape Effects from Mr Blakely [PDF, 291 KB]
Evidence on Construction Techniques and Methodologies from Mr Chapman-Olla [PDF, 680 KB]
Evidence on Waterways & Wetlands Impacts from Mr Edwards [PDF, 1 MB]
Evidence on Planning Matters from Mr Engel [PDF, 793 KB]
Evidence on Aquatic Ecology from Mr Goldwater [PDF, 177 KB]
Evidence on Recreation & Amenity Effects from Mr Greenaway [PDF, 2.6 MB]
Evidence on the reasons why Council is seeking Resource Consent from Mr Marshall [PDF, 298 KB]
Evidence from Mr Beale [PDF, 163 KB]

Fish & Game's Evidence

Evidence from Mr Rodway - Manager of Fish & Game Southland [PDF, 2 MB]
Powerpoint presentation from Mr Rodway - Manager of Fish & Game [PDF, 4.2 MB]
Evidence from John Sutton (amended) [PDF, 1 MB]

Evidence from  Stu Sutherland [PDF, 758 KB]

Evidence from  Stu Sutherland - Annexure A [PDF, 2.2 MB]

Evidence from Brent Lovelock [PDF, 926 KB]
Brent Lovelock CV [PDF, 570 KB]
Evidence from Alan Mark [PDF, 573 KB]

Evidence from Martin Unwin [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Evidence from  Martin Unwin Annex [PDF, 806 KB]

Evidence from Yvonne Pfluger [PDF, 206 KB]
Yvonne Pfluger Evidence Graphics [PDF, 415 KB]
Evidence from Peter Wilson [PDF, 686 KB]
Legal opinion [PDF, 164 KB]
Evidence from Catherine Murray [PDF, 600 KB]

Information Requested by Commissioner

Amended Map 28 – Three Kings [PDF, 1.7 MB]
Environment Southland Draft Conditions [PDF, 114 KB]
Southland District Council Draft Conditions [PDF, 72 KB]

Commissioner's Decision

View the decision here [PDF, 5 MB]


Appeal by Fish & Game [PDF, 2.3 MB]